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Our company

Auto Support – Great Tyres is one of the most competitive tyre whole sale dealers and retailers in NSW, with more than 200 sizes of vehicle tryes in stock and competitive brands, which have the best price you can find. We are specialist on passenger car (PCR), ultra-high performance (UHP), light truck and 4WD (LTR & SUV) which cover most of vehicles driving across the nation. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, please call us as we will do our best to source your parts for you. The success of our tyre sale contributes to our reliability of tyre quality, sustainability of providing good price, acceptability of your required service and our tyre experience accumulated.

You can call 02 9622 8841 for the price of our tyres now and we will kindly have a chat with you!

Our Team

Frank L.

Frank L.

Chief Engineer
Most experienced and skilled tyre fitter and wheel aligner, more than 10 years working experience in tyre industry. Especially good at doing high performance, run-flat tyrs, as well as mag wheel package.
Benson S.

Benson S.

More than 3 years work experience in tyre business. Most energetic member in the team with outstanding tyre knowledge. Always happy to serve and help customers.
Richard W.

Richard W.

Technical Specialist
Over 5 years tyre experience, most diligent member in the team. Zero job fault for constantly 3 years. Mostly featured in work efficiency.

Our Skills

New Tyre Installation 100%
Wheel Balance 100%
Wheel Alignment 93%
Puncture Repair 97%