Suitable for mid-level and premium SUV/4×4 on all terrain.

Non continuous tread pattern, provides excellent off-road traction.

Right shoulder transition, wider running surface, provides better performance in driving, grip and braking.

Stronger support provided by the shoulder, improves the capability of turning.

Excellent footprint decreases extends its service life.

Deep tread depth combine with high wear resistance tread formula design, bring long mileage.

Connected pattern provides good wetland drainage performance, also advantageous to self cleaning.

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Width (mm) Profile (%) Diameter (inch) Loading Rate Speeding Rate
235 75 15 109 S


Tyres’ key features in Great Tyres:

Reduced noise without compromising other performance
Optimum driving comfort coupled with optimum safety performance
Shortened braking distance and improved handling
Superior water dispersion and wet traction
Outstanding steering response and handling stability